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Software Piracy
       With the popularization of the computers, the software is widely used for both personal and business. We use software for productivity, for education, for entertainment and for every aspect of our daily life. The software acts as such an important role of our life. So the demand of the software becomes higher than ever. At the same time software piracy also become more and more serious. What is software piracy? Software piracy simply means using software illegally.

Software Piracy Status
       In 2004, 35 percent of the software installed on personal computers worldwide was pirated, a one percentage point decrease from 36 percent in 2003. Yet, losses due to piracy increased from $29 billion to $33 billion. These are among key findings of an independent global software piracy study released by the Business Software Alliance and conducted by global technology research leader IDC. The losses suffered through software piracy directly affect the profitability of the software industry. Because of the money lost to pirates, publishers have fewer resources to devote to research and development of new products, have less revenue to justify lowering software prices and are forced to pass these costs on to their customers. Consequently, software publishers, developers, and vendors are taking serious actions to protect their revenues.

Against Software Piracy
       Software piracy is a major concern for software providers, despite the many defense mechanisms that have been proposed to prevent it. Some research identifies the fundamental weaknesses of existing approaches, resulting from the static nature of defense and the impossibility to prevent the duplication of digital data. A new scheme is presented that enables a more dynamic nature of defense and makes it harder to create an additional, equally useful copy. Furthermore it enables a fine-grained control over the distributed software. Its strength is based on diversity: each installed copy is unique and updates are tailored to work for one installed copy only. Software providers attempt to stem piracy by using all kind of authentication and activation method. Those mechanisms include asking registration code, remotely activation and by using a hardware key.



Janus Lock helps you against to software piracy
Janus Lock is based on the smart card technology
       The smart card technology ensures that the secret is left inside smart card. It's proven that smart card is suitable for person identification. In same way, smart card technology is suitable for software license identification. Janus Lock is built with smart card technology. Janus Lock is highly secured. Janus Lock hardware device can not be copied nor be hacked.

Strong Crypto Engine in Janus Lock
       Janus Lock has a strong crypto engine. It supports 128 bits AES encryption/decryption. All communications between Janus Lock and the protected software are encrypted. This will make the spied data will be useless to the hackers.

Unique Query-Response Engine in Janus Lock
       Janus Lock has its own proprietary query-response algorithm which factor is 64 bits and query length is up to 24 bytes. The algorithm is very safe and can not be hacked by reserve-engineering. The algorithm factor is hidden in Janus Lock hardware device. And it can not be read out by any other users. It can only be written by developers with their own administration passwords. The length of algorithm factor is 64 bits long. It is unique and can not be guessed.

Advanced User Data Memory Management in Janus Lock
       Janus Lock also has large configurable user data memory up to total 4K bytes. Janus Lock's user data memory can be divided into data cells. One data cell contains variable size of bytes. And you can setup passwords for different operation on data cells. Those operations include reading and writing. The use of those data cells improves the level of software protection.

Time modification detection in Janus Lock
       Janus Lock has a time cheating detector. If a system time modification is detected, Janus Lock will take the correspond actions. This mechanism ensures the proper use of time based license.

Janus Lock helps you on the software marketing
Janus Lock features a flexible license model
       Janus Lock features a flexible license mechanism that would help software developers to easy to release multi-purposes package of Janus Lock protected software. The following tasks can be done easily by using Janus Lock.

  • Make a trial license for evaluation purpose.
  • Make a full function license but with limited execution times for demonstration to potential customers.
  • Make a limited function license for specified end user group. For example, Microsoft windows XP have professional version and home version.
  • Setup a series of software versions, like professional/enterprise/personal.
  • Setup full functions license with an expired date for software rent marketing.
  • Issue upgrade license to existing expired/trial/limited function licenses.

Additional features inside Janus Lock
       Janus Lock supports remote activation by issuing an upgrade license. You may install a trial or limited license in Janus Lock hardware and pack them into an evaluation package. If potential customers want to buy your software, then you can issue an upgrade license to them. You can add activation with in the protected software. The upgrade license is encrypted, so it is okay directly import them and make an install upgrade license function call to Janus Lock hardware. We realize that is important for proper use of authorized license. Janus Lock supports one times license. The same license can not to be used in different Janus Lock hardware. Janus Lock hardware will recognize the matched license. Janus Lock hardware can not install the same upgrade license twice. With those features, Janus Lock becomes more reliable.

Benefit from Janus Lock
Janus Lock can be relied on
       Janus Lock has many nice features for software developer to against software piracy and to enrich software marketing. Janus Lock benefits from years of research and development and it can be relied on.

Janus Lock is affordable and has high ROI
       Affordable investment and high return with additional software sales.



Janus Lock contains 2 components
Hardware Device

  • USB Plug & Play Interface
    For easily attached to host which running the protected software.
  • High performance Secured MCU based on smart card technology.
    Smart card technology can be relied on.
  • Large user configurable data memory
    Totally 4K bytes configurable data memory can be divided into data cells.
  • Crypto Engine
    It supports both AES 128 bits and Triple-DES.
  • Query-response Engine
    Unique proprietary algorithm with 64 bits factor. Query length is up to 24 bytes.
  • Time Cheating Detector
    Ensure the proper use of time based licensing.
  • Remote activation support.
    Issue an upgrade license for existed customers.
  • One time license support
    The same license can not to be used in different Janus Lock hardware device.
    Janus Lock hardware can not install the same upgrade license twice neither.

Software Toolkit

  • Janus Lock hardware device driver for windows
    Currently Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista is supported.
  • Janus Lock API Libraries
    Static/dynamic libraries
  • Multi Development Environments supported.
    Visual C/C++ 6.0 and up / Visual Basic 6.0 and up / Visual C# 2003 and up / Borland C++ Builder 5.0 and up / Delphi 5.0 and up are supported.
  • Janus Lock Toolbox - a new utility for Janus Lock with many useful plug-ins.
    License Maker is a utility for generate various licenses.
    Data Cell Designer is a data cell layout designing tool, it offers data cell patterns and they could be dragged into layout with ease.
    License Wizard is a utility to help generate licenses for various licensing model step by step.
    Device Analyzer checks if the hardware is defected or not and also can collect system information for your environment to help solve compatibility problem.
    Janus Lock Protector embeds shell codes into for your software for protection without adding extra codes by yourself.
    Product Update can update the plug-ins to latest ones.


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